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02/10/2008 · What Causes High Systolic And Low Diastolic Blood Pressure? My systolic blood pressure is quite high over the course of the day while my diastolic pressures remains low. What causes this? Should I be concerned about the disparity in the numbers? The number you are talking about is. 17/11/2017 · Do you often wonder what your blood pressure numbers mean? Doctors call them systolic the top number and diastolic the bottom number blood pressure. Knowing both is important and could save your life. A normal systolic pressure is below 120. A reading of 120-129 is elevated. 130-139 is stage 1. Most blood pressure readings are therefore recorded as low systolic high diastolic. It is of paramount importance for you to understand these readings so that you can continue monitoring your BP all the time. What is more, blood pressure readings come in millimeters. The easiest way to read BP capacity is 120 mm/Hg / 80 mm/Hg. This is called a narrowing pulse pressure. Everyone else failed to mention what it indicates, and it can mean several things. Another answerer mentioned that the decreased systolic blood pressure is due to decreased ejection of blood from the left. High sys low dia Sys ok dia high Sys 106 dia 72 High sys normal dia All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. You should always speak with your doctor before you follow anything that you read on this website. Any.

Hello,Welcome to ehealthforumBlood Pressure medications are prescribed considering various factors as age,height,weight,symptoms like headache,dizziness,how long have you been on medications,activity level,food etc.Though 145 Diastolic is on the higher side and needs to be controlled but how long have you been on medi. Depending on the readings, or rather numbers, of blood pressure, it can be diagnosed whether a person has a normal, high, or low blood pressure. Abnormally high or low blood pressure is dangerous and can give rise to several life-threatening disorders. High diastolic blood pressure is when the blood pressure rises to 90 mm Hg or higher. Diastolic BP represents the volume of blood. Systolic BP represents the volume of total fluid minus blood. The ideal gap is 40. Any increase of decrease in the gap is caused due to changes in the proportion of blood volume and rest of the fluid. D. 24/12/2019 · It is well established that controlling hypertension through the use of antihypertensive agents reduces morbidity and mortality. It has been further demonstrated that lowering systolic blood pressure SBP as well diastolic blood pressure DBP confers benefit. [1] In the late 1970s, reexamination. 30/12/2013 · I am 39 and have been having blood pressure problems. Today my SYS mmHg was 120 which is okay right?, my DIA mmHg was 105 which is not okay right? and my PUL/min was 68. Are there any explanations to why my DIA was so high and what can i do to bring it back down.

It is the most common form of high blood pressure in people older than age 65, but it is possible for younger people to be affected by this type of high blood pressure as well. Doctors now know that high systolic pressure is as important as high diastolic pressure —.

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